About Me

Born in 1983 in Germany, I initially studied computer science, before progressing in a career as a mobile developer for over 8 years. Therefore I know first-hand how full-time work in front of a screen and excessive use of your mobile phone can affect and exhaust your eyes.

My fascination for eye therapy training started when I discovered that it offers an alternative to depending on strong contact lenses and glasses for my short-sightedness. Wearing glasses had weakened my eyes over the years and my last contact lenses prescription was -7 dioptre on both eyes. I am still on my journey to completely regain my vision but already I can tell how beneficial a daily eye wellbeing routine is.

I have studied in Germany with renowned vision teacher Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer. In September 2016 I completed my training as Teacher for Holistic School for the Eyes (“ganzheitliche Augenschule”).

I would love to be your coach for eye wellbeing and help you to learn to relax and discover your eyes full potential.

Certificate Teacher for Holistic School for the Eyes

My other passion is creating delicious vegan food. Research suggests that a nutritious plant-based diet is beneficial to activate your self-healing powers. Why not give it a try with our collection of veganised recipes.