Eye Wellbeing

Yoga, meditation and fitness classes all have a shared intention of helping you to find a balance from today’s hectic lives. By dedicating me-time for such activities, you can improve your sense of wellbeing. So we agree that nourishing your body and your mind are important. But what about your eyes?

Today more than ever good vision is in great demand in our day-to-day routine at work and in our free time. Think about everything your vision allows you to do: using a computer, reading a good book, enjoying a sunset, driving a car, looking at your loved ones and generally navigating around in the world easily.

Unfortunately we often take our vision for granted. When the body starts to signal that we strain our eyes with aching eyes and headaches we tend to ignore it. Only when the vision deteriorates and prevents us to keep going, do we visit an ophthalmologist. Unfortunately most people do not know about holistic health. Prescribing glasses or contacts is a quick aid. But it does not cure the underlying issues. Instead, it invites the eyes to become lazy and with time the vision gets worse and new prescriptions for glasses are needed.

Eye Wellbeing is not a quick fix like putting on glasses or getting laser eye surgery. Instead it offers you the opportunity to relearn how to use your eyes without straining them. And perhaps even more importantly a chance to discover how to relax them. You will learn techniques and small yet fun eye yoga exercises to integrate into your daily life.

The programme aims to maintain a healthy sight and prevent impaired vision. With time it can improve many different types of vision disorders naturally.

Read about working with me or contact me via coach(at)eyewellbeing.com for further details.