Collecting Colours

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The most enduring way to make eye well-being part of your daily life is to make it fun and engaging. Collecting colours is leading to looking at your surroundings with new interest and the excitement of a child.

Treat yourself now

Flower in all rainbow colours

Choose a colour in the morning. Get inspired by your wardrobe, photographs or paintings at your walls. You can also take a look at this rainbow coloured flower. Just go with one that you instinctively like without over thinking it.

Look around you, as you go about your life. This is great whenever you are safe to do so – for example during your commute on the bus or when walking down the road or in a park. Acknowledge all the different colours you notice.

Pause for a moment whenever you spot your colour of the day and take a closer look. Encircle your discovered item with your eyes. It helps to imagine that your eyes act like a paintbrush with which you are drawing along the outer edge of your found artefact.

Admire the details and the shade of your colour before you let your eyes browse your surroundings again.

A discovery in your colour can be anything from a flower, a car, part of an advertisement or even the backpack of someone else. Surprise yourself with the variety of colourful details you start noticing.

A real example

Look at this autumn photograph and surround the orange area of the pumpkin. Remember to imagine that your eyes act like a paintbrush. Now follow the orange shape as if you are a painter who is drawing a painting starting with the outline.

Orange pumpkin

The following photograph shows a white outline to indicate how encircling the orange of the pumpkin could look like. Notice that in this example it is not just one pumpkin shaped area. Instead, the line swirls along all the details where the pumpkin is overlayed by grass and the red leaf.

Outlined orange pumpkin

The benefits

As with all eye treats: Be patient with yourself and your eyes if it feels difficult in the beginning. Keep it fun and simple. Go along and be as exact or quick with it as it feels good for you.

Scanning your surroundings for colours will help you to break free from constant fixed staring and straining. Especially working in front of a screen during the day locks our gaze at a fixed distance leading to tired eyes. By making collecting colours a habit during your commute and any other time possible, you are inviting your eyes to go back to their natural behaviour of constant movement.

Often vision problems are not only caused by unhealthy habits but also by underlying issues. Our mind wants to protect us by not seeing bad things happening around us that could affect us.

Noticing the colours that are around you will bring you the joy of actually seeing beauty in the world and welcome your eyes to see with kindness and love. Let this treat not only move your eyes but also calm and soothe your mind.


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